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Thinning of The Veil


Rissa Vibes

October 26th – November 1st

Join us for an intensive week of outer-worldly cosmic connections, intuitive workshops, yoga, reiki and plant-based meals at our private vegan resort and Calm-Unity on ancient Mayan land in Belize.

The veil between the physical world and the spiritual world is at it’s thinnest during Fall Harvest, particularly Samhain / Halloween night and especially felt in Mayan regions. This is the time where barriers are lifted and all that no longer serves our greater purpose can be purged, released and put to rest.

Our spirit guides are at their closest and our 3rd sight is at it’s clearest. Most people aren’t fully aware of this power they possess.

This natural ability to integrate these two connected worlds. We are separated merely by dimension and perception.

The Thinning of The Veil Retreat will help you use your own natural intuitive tools for connecting with your higher self. Only you have the power to do this.

All you need is the guidance to help you get back to your own power and light.

The Thinning of the Veil Retreat will be led by guest host, Trance Channel/Intuitive Guide, Rissa Vibes, with Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Ceremonies and Reiki led by us!
Rissa Vibes is a Love & Light Trance Channel, Intuitive Guide & Musical artist activating higher vibrational frequencies within the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Cosmic Self through Sacred Energy Cleansings, Mediumship, Motivational Speaking and transformative workshops for enlightenment and personal development.

Our complementary blend of Mayan, Buddhist and Jungle inspired accommodations are surrounded by two beautifully landscaped acres of private paradise within a tropical forest, just a mile from the Caribbean Sea, Corozal Bay. Within our lush tropical forest is our own beautiful Goddess jungle fresh water eco-pool with trickling waterfall surrounded by coconut trees and lush jungle.

Full details of this retreat, accommodation, itinerary, experience and booking can be accessed by clicking this link

We look forward to connecting with you in beautiful Belize! xo